Interview with Keep Leaf founder Jaswinder

Originally posted at Soko Distribution.

We spoke with Jaswinder Salh, founder of Keep Leaf.  Keep Leaf is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures eco-friendly products that are stylish and modern using environmentally and socially responsible methods of production.  We find out Jas’ motivations, why she started Keep Leaf, and how she comes up with such great designs.

How did you get started in the business?

The inspiration for Keep Leaf came from a trip to India when I was a teenager. The trip “was a moment of awakening” after witnessing extreme poverty and I realized how we live in a disposable society.  At that point I knew that someday I wanted to have a business that would make a positive difference.  After working for over a decade in design, it was time to fulfil my dream and start my business. In 2009 Keep Leaf was launched and it allowed me to share my love for design and my desire to bring about positive changes. 

What is your motto?

Great products for a better world.

Why did you choose the name, Keep Leaf?

Keep Leaf represents our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  ”Keep” shows our commitment to the global community by being each others’ keeper through ethical business practices and production, as well as by giving back to build better communities.  ”Leaf” is a symbol of our environment and the need to preserve it.

If you didn’t have your company what would you be doing?

My passion and background is in design, so something in the design field for sure!

What motivates you?

My kids. With my business I want to show them that we have the opportunity to make an impact and a positive change in the world.

Why should consumers choose Keep Leaf over similar products?

We are committed to designing modern and stylish products that reduce our impact on the environment and are manufactured ethically. With Keep Leaf not only are you buying a beautiful, high-quality product, you are making the world a better place.

How do you keep consumers interested in your products?

The designer in me is always looking for new inspiration and ideas to keep the collection fresh and new. There is a sense of whimsy to the line. I want to make sure that going green is not boring and that it’s fun and chic.

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